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Future of Energy Conference at University of Aberdeen.

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IGov will be holding a conference on Innovation and Governance for Future Energy Systems on 8 March 2018 – International Women’s Day – at the Coin Street Conference Centre. The meeting costs will be partially supported by the EPSRC Energy Programme. The aim of the meeting is to have about 100 people discussing cutting-edge innovation and governance issues to do with Future Energy Systems. All speakers will be women, in different stages of their career across the energy spectrum – whether industry (conventional or grid-edge), academia, regulation, government (of whatever level) and communities and civil society.

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Is Jeremy Corbyn’s dream of a publicly-owned energy system the way to solve the climate crisis? Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this weekend proposed to sweep away the UK’s ‘centralised’ energy system and replace it with a greener system shaped by public ownership – but could such a vision ever become a reality? It is an open secret in Labour circles that some of the unions are both less than enthusiastic converts to the decarbonisation agenda and viscerally opposed to the leadership’s scepticism towards new nuclear plants. Will the offer of training and support be enough to win their support for a vision that would pose a significant challenge to centralised energy models and carbon intensive industries? One thing is certain, however. With the polls deadlocked, the government facing significant internal and external challenges, and the current Clean Growth Strategy failing to provide full details on how the UK’s carbon targets will be met, all green businesses would be wise to take a closer look at Corbyn’s climate action plan and consider how they could be impacted. It might be radical, but it is now conceivable that it could soon be enacted.

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Jeremy Corbyn vows to tackle ‘climate catastrophe’ by putting energy system in public hands. Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to make averting “climate catastrophe” a central aim if he wins power, arguing it can only be achieved with public ownership of Britain’s energy system. In his most pro-environment speech, the Labour leader said his government would be “at least as radical” as the post-war Clement Attlee administration which built the NHS and the welfare state. Labour would sweep away the “centralised system” of energy delivery, dominated by the much-criticised Big Six private firms, in favour of one with “new sources of energy large and small”, Mr Corbyn said.

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Published: 13 February 2018