Energy Efficiency

With the UK housebuilding sector under the spotlight at both at a national level and in the sustainability agenda, edie caught up with Aecom’s regional director to discuss how the firm’s latest research project aims to help developers deliver lost-cost, low-carbon housing across the country. The Aecom-led project will monitor three schemes in Swansea, Bristol and Manchester for 12 months, with a view to upscaling the developments on a commercial level. “We are trying to fully understand the drivers and barriers for low-cost, low-carbon homes and seeing whether these barriers can help us to come up with recommendations to accelerate the uptake of low-carbon homes,” explained Aecom’s Alison Crompton, technical lead of the Building for 2050 project. The homes will incorporate solutions such as PV panels and battery storage to address fuel bills, but Crompton stresses that the central focus will be to construct housing through its design rather than reliance on technology.

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Published: 7 December 2017