Energy Efficiency

The government’s failure to take action on insulating draughty homes has been criticised by the statutory body for energy consumers. As millions of households brace for another round of energy bill rises after British Gas and EDF Energy hiked their prices, Citizens Advice said silence by ministers on energy efficiency plans would mean consumers lost out and insulation installers would go bust. The government axed its flagship energy efficiency scheme in 2015 and has yet to replace it or signal what might come next. Guijarro said the black hole on policy could lead people to conclude energy efficiency is unimportant, even though experts view it as vital for cutting bills and carbon emissions. Industry and government are mulling how to reduce the climate change impact from heating, with energy efficiency considered a “no regrets” option. The UK’s homes and businesses are overwhelmingly heated by fossil fuels, mostly gas. Energy UK, the big-six lobby group, last week urged the government to fund trials of low-CO2 alternatives, such as greener gases including hydrogen, heat pumps running off renewable electricity and local heat networks. But experts said the switch to greener heat would not be as simple as the transition to low-CO2 power, which accounted for half of UK electricity supplied last year. A report published on Friday by BEIS concluded there was a large degree of uncertainty over the best way to decarbonise heat, given limited information on the feasibility of the technologies, their cost and whether consumers would accept them.

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Published: 16 April 2018