Energy Efficiency

A project involving the refurbishment of the UK’s first ‘Energiesprong’ homes is nearing completion in Nottingham. Housing developer Melius Homes has teamed up with social landlord Nottingham City Homes to refurbish a total of ten homes – seven houses and three bungalows – in the city. Once finished, the homes will all adhere to the Energiesprong principles of housing developments which stem from the Netherlands. Translating as ‘Energy Leap’, houses built to this standard are effectively net zero energy, generating sufficient energy to meet its demand. To this end, Melius Homes has tasked Cambridge-based Viridian Solar to supply rooftop solar panels for the refurbishment. Other principles of the Energiesprong approach require renovation works to be completed within one week while simultaneously allowing residents to remain in their properties. All works are covered by a 30-year warranty for the climate and energy performance and they must effectively pay for themselves through combined savings from energy bills and maintenance.

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Published: 13 February 2018