Energy Demand

The spread of air-conditioning in hot countries is set to create a huge increase in demand for electricity, threatening efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, according to the International Energy Agency, the watchdog backed by consuming countries. Over the next 30 years, air-conditioning could increase global demand for electricity by the entire capacity of the US, the EU and Japan combined, unless there are significant improvements in the efficiency of the equipment, the IEA warned. In a report released on Tuesday, the agency urged governments to use regulations and incentives to improve the efficiency of air-conditioning units, to avoid a surge in demand that could put strains on energy supplies and increase greenhouse gas emissions.

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British utility National Grid has developed a tool that can forecast the carbon intensity of electricity generation by region for up to 48 hours ahead of the power production, the company said in a statement on Tuesday. In the previous version of its tool, National grid was able to calculate only the overall carbon emissions in Britain. The new tool, developed in a partnership with Environmental Defense Fund Europe and WWF, will help consumers understand when and where the power is “greener” in order pick the right moment of the day to consume cleaner energy, said the firm.

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Published: 16 May 2018