Electric Vehicles

SPECIAL charging hubs for electric vehicles could be rolled out across Edinburgh over the next 18 months. According to the first Electric Vehicle Action Plan published by City of Edinburgh Council, which will be considered by the Transport and Environment Committee today, electric vehicles are a key priority for the capital as it aims to reduce carbon emissions. Electric vehicle uptake is rising rapidly across the UK, and Edinburgh has more than 23 per cent of all licensed electric vehicles in Scotland. In 2011 there were only nine in the capital, but by June 2017 there were 489. The number of charging points also increased, from eight in 2013 to 89 by October 2017, of which 58 are publicly available. Compared to conventional cars, electric vehicles including hybrids emit substantially fewer carbon emissions. The vehicles are also cleaner with far fewer exhaust emissions, meaning they deliver direct air quality improvements.

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Published: 7 December 2017