Even if the world’s nations keep their promise to contain global warming to within 2°C, past warming shows that the Earth will still change visibly – and perhaps sooner than science currently expects. Sea levels could rise by six metres. Large tracts of the polar ice caps could collapse. The Sahara could become green. The edges of what are now tropical forests could turn into savannah, to be seared and maintained by regular outbreaks of fire. The northern forests could move 200 km nearer the north pole and, ahead of them, the tundra.

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Some properties are effectively uninsurable because of the high risk of flooding, according to a report from insurer Flood Re. It said insurance for these properties, which are next to rivers and near the coast, would be prohibitively expensive, and that policymakers will need to decide how they can be covered for the costs of the regular and severe floods they experience. Flood Re was set up in 2014 to help subsidise the cost of insurance for homes in flood prone areas. But it is due to be wound down in 2039, at which point the property owners will have to pay the market price for insurance.

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Published: 11 July 2018