The oceans are warming at a faster rate than was thought, according to the biggest analysis of sea temperatures so far.The vast majority of the extra heat from climate change is stored in the oceans but until recently there were few reliable methods of measuring it. Researchers have now combined findings from multiple studies to show there has been a consistent warming trend even during the so-called hiatus, a 15-year period at the beginning of this century when land temperatures seemed to hold. The latest study combined previous estimates to show that ocean warming is accelerating at a rate 40 per cent higher than was thought. Researchers said this showed that, contrary to the claims of some sceptics, the world was warming at a rate that corresponded to that predicted in climate models. Zeke Hausfather of the Universit y of California, Berkeley, said that it was almost impossible to understand climate change unless you could measure sea temperatures. “If you want to see where global warming is happening, look in our oceans,” he said. “Ocean heating is a very important indicator of climate change and we have robust evidence that it is warming more rapidly than we thought.” It is estimated that about 93 per cent of all heating occurs in the oceans, unnoticed by traditional meteorological stations.

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Warming oceans likely to raise sea levels 30cm by end of century – study. Warming oceans take up more space, a process known as thermal expansion, which the study says is likely to raise sea levels by about 30cm by the end of the century, on top of the rise in sea levels from melting ice and glaciers. Warmer oceans are also a major factor in increasing the severity of storms, hurricanes and extreme rainfall.

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Published: 11 January 2019