Gas with CCS could be cheaper than Hinkley, study claims. Summit Power said its Caledonia Clean Energy Project could be built as soon as the early 2020s with a strike price of just 80 to 90/MWh

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Carbon dioxide emissions can be captured and stored underground safely for thousands of years, according to a new paper published yesterday in the science journal Nature Communications. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh have used a global database of natural carbon dioxide and methane accumulations in rock formations, as well as geological expertise from the oil and gas industry and laboratory experiments, to model underground storage of CO2 over a 10,000 year period. They concluded captured CO2 will likely become naturally trapped in rock as microscopic bubbles, or dissolve into the salty water already contained in the rock, making it much less likely to leak than previously feared.

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Published: 13 June 2018