100% Renewables is Possible

This week’s New Scientist says Donald Trump’s efforts to prevent the closure of unprofitable coal and nuclear are as “forlorn” as they are misguided. “It is because of sound economic reasons, not just environmental concerns that coal and nuclear are struggling to compete with natural gas and renewables such as as wind and solar. Thanks to an explosion of technology designed to counter variability of wind and solar, the reliability issue is a red herring that’s getting redder. Covering 100 per cent of our energy needs through renewable resources is no longer the impossible dream.”

The Observer called the proposed Wylfa deal “a rip-off” and “ridiculously costly for consumers” Alternatives are much cheaper. “Clark’s intervention shows the economics of new nuclear do not work. Why should consumers pay through the nose when there are lower-cost alternatives?”

The electricity generated at Wylfa “is likely to be much more expensive than power from the latest offshore wind farms.”

The decision to help to bankroll Japan’s troubled nuclear industry seems like an odd way to prove that the government can be trusted as a shrewd steward of public money”, says The Times. “While the cost of nuclear power seems to climb inexorably higher, the cost of viable renewable alternatives continues to plunge. Taxpayers should brace themselves for another fat loss.”

Every government makes mistakes”, says the FTbut it takes a really special administration to make a massive blunder and then go on to make the same fundamental error again, just months later.

You  have to wonder what on earth the Government is thinking about?


Published: 11 June 2018