Red warnings for UK’s post-Brexit nuclear safeguards: Leaked documents obtained by Sky News reveal the five “high risk” areas Britain needs to address before leaving the EU. Britain risks missing a vital deadline for establishing full post-Brexit nuclear safeguards, according to Government documents obtained by Sky News. Late delivery of an IT system and difficulty recruiting qualified inspectors are blamed in the leaked reports. There are five “high level risks” Britain needs to address before Brexit, identified by the UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR). They were all categorised as “red” on a red, amber, green alert scale in an internal “Risk Register”. Problems include “late delivery or ineffective” new IT systems to track nuclear material. Recruitment difficulties and a lack of training for inspectors are also cited, as are failures to arrange the “comprehensive handover” of hardware and equipment from the EU agency Euratom. On top of the issues, concerns were also raised about long-term funding of the new nuclear regulator.

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UK missing deadlines for post-Brexit nuclear safeguards, leak shows. Failure to put safeguards in place could disrupt flow of materials needed to fabricate nuclear fuel after Brexit. Brexit deadlines have put the supply of nuclear raw material for power stations and medical purposes at risk, a leaked government document has suggested. The document, obtained by Sky News, shows that the UK is already missing critical deadlines to put full safeguards in place to keep the flow of components and raw material needed to fabricate nuclear fuel after Brexit.

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In response to the leaked Risk Register for the UK’s plans to replace Euratom with a new nuclear regulator, Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist at Greenpeace UK, said – “The government is planning to massively expand our stockpile of dangerous radioactive material with new reactors at Hinkley, Wylfa and four other sites, without a long term storage plan. Now we learn their strategy for replacing the monitoring and management of that stockpile after Brexit is inadequate in every single respect. They don’t appear to be taking the very significant dangers of radioactive materials in the least bit seriously. That a government with this attitude to nuclear safety and proliferation is considering a huge new build programme is likely to alarm the international community as much as the communities hosting new reactors.”

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Published: 17 May 2018