Brazil is one of only three Latin American countries, along with Argentina and Mexico, to have operating nuclear power plants, and the country still mines its own uranium. There is currently only one two-reactor nuclear power plant operating in Brazil— at Angra I and 2 — supplying just 3% of the country’s electricity. A third Angra reactor has been on and off since 1984 and was halted again in 2015. The proposed nuclear plant in Peruíbe was shelved, along with similar plans in Iguape and São Sebastião, due to the endless series of accidents, malfunctions and stoppages occurring at the Angra nuclear plant. Angra could still bring nuclear catastrophe to Brazil. The country continues to face other ecological disasters from deforestation, mining, poaching, illegal wildlife trade, forest fires, oil spills and other man-made disruptions. But at least in Peruíbe, for now, there is reason to celebrate.

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Published: 31 December 2018