Development at the Bradwell B power plant in the United Kingdom is progressing smoothly. EDF, and China General Nuclear Power Corp are working together to develop the new nuclear power station at Bradwell-on-Sea on the Essex coast near London. Bradwell will be built with indigenous Chinese third generation nuclear technology known as Hua-long Pressurized Reactor 1000 or HPR1000, with support from the French energy group. CGN and EDF are preparing geographical studies of the site where the Bradwell power generators will be located. These works include checking the soil conditions, and assessing cooling facilities and design strategies to protect the local biodiversity, according to Richard Mayson, director of Bradwell Power Generation Co. As the first nuclear power plant in a developed economy using Chinese technology, Bradwell is expected to pave the way for the international expansion of the country’s nuclear industry. The first phase, which involves CGN delivering to the British regulator a Preliminary Safety Report for the HPR1000 design, is expected to be completed soon. Peter Haslam, head of policy at the UK’s Nuclear Industry Association, felt CGN is providing huge economic benefits “locally and nationally” through the Bradwell project. A large number of British nuclear supply chain companies are preparing to bid for contracts. This would not only bring them immediate financial benefits but also make them a part of the HPR1000 design during the long term. In the future, this would also give them further opportunities as China exports its HPR1000 to other countries.

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Published: 13 September 2017