Balancing Green Energy

On a recent BBC ‘Question Time’ programme some points were made about Fracking that need to be challenged. It was suggested that the UK needs Fracked gas to keep us independent of Russian gas and stop us from freezing in winter when extreme cold snaps hit. So we have produced a short video to explain how we can decarbonise the electricity and gas grids. We don’t have any money, so this isn’t the slick style you might expect from a Big-Green NGO; but it will be offered to all the anti-Fracking campaigns to help them with their work, and sent to Greenpeace, FoE and other large NGOs in case they want to use their bigger budgets to make their own material. In summary the message is that we ditch all fossil fuels and use the full range of intermittent renewables to generate electricity. We balance the grid using: – Stored Energy; Shared electricity via Interconnectors; and Reduce demand from big industry when needed. The gas grid can be used to give the UK seasonal energy storage, using hydrogen derived from the renewables. We can mix hydrogen with bio-gas made from waste products like sewage. A lot of our heat in the future will come from heat-pump technology and we will reduce demand for gas by properly insulating every home in the country, but it makes sense to use the mix of bio-gas and hydrogen to give the UK the seasonal energy storage it needs. We have put a number of links to the references used on our Facebook Page.

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Published: 13 March 2018