2 May 2007


Senior US State Department official Nicholas Burns is to go to India later this month to try to finalise a landmark nuclear fuel treaty. Two days of talks between Indian and US officials in Washington ended on Tuesday having made “extensive progress”, the State Department said. Agreement was struck in July 2005 but details still need to be finalised.
BBC 2nd May 2007

Nuclear Waste

CoRWM’s report “Implementing a Partnership Approach to Radioactive Waste Management”, April 2007 is now available.
CoRWM website


A nuclear energy cooperation agreement has been signed between the relevant Japanese and Kazakh authorities that will see Japan import 30% of uranium for its power plants from Kazakhstan.
Energy Business Review 1st May 2007


Iran accused the United States and other world powers of being the true nuclear threats Tuesday at a meeting hamstrung by Tehran’s opposition to language calling for full compliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Amid closed-door talks aimed at ending the impasse, France criticized Iran for defying a U.N. Security Council demand to freeze uranium enrichment, a potential pathway to nuclear arms, and urged Iran to “comply with its international obligations.” The conference, which began Monday and lasts two weeks, is intended to help prepare for a full review of the treaty in 2010.
Guardian website 2nd May 2007

The Japanese chairman of a meeting on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty said on Tuesday he was determined to persuade Iran to lift objections threatening to paralyse the gathering.
Reuters 1st May 2007

New nukes

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which owns the sites of Britain’s Magnox reactors, has been consulting the local communities about what they want to replace the power plants. It has set up stakeholder groups to choose a replacement use for the Magnox sites from a series of options. The NDA is still collating the results but the favoured option at Dungeness A, which closed at the end of last year, is another nuclear power plant, according to a spokesman for the organisation. Companies interested in new nuclear plants are expected to want to wait until the energy white paper later this month provides details of the framework for new nuclear power. They will also be keen to gauge long term political commitment to nuclear power and an assessment of the continuing development in the market for carbon trading which could help to underpin the economic case for nuclear new build.
Guardian 2nd May 2007

North Korea

The United States signaled its willingness Tuesday to give North Korea more time to act on a February nuclear disarmament pledge but said the world’s patience would not be endless.
Guardian 2nd May 2007


The newly elected Prime Minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanen, has warned developers not to assume that the government will approve requests for more nuclear reactors. The leader of a cross-party alliance government, which includes the Greens, has said that companies should not take it for granted that such requests will be approved, although the government would stand by an existing energy policy which does not rule out nuclear.
Nuclear Engineering International 1st May 2007


Formal restructuring of Russia’s nuclear energy industry has begun with the signature of President Putin on a decree approving a government proposal to establish an open joint-stock company, the Nuclear Energy and Industrial Complex, with 100% of its shares in federal ownership. The decree states that the priority areas of work of the company are the design, placement, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of nuclear installations, radiation sources and storage facilities for nuclear materials.
Modern Power Systems 1st May 2007

Hunterston and Hinkley

British Energy has been granted a 10-year safety approval to continue to operate its two nuclear power plants Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B. The industry regulator, the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII), wrote to the firm to conditionally approve safety standards at the plants, subject to the completion of some remedial work at both plants. British Energy confirmed that it has agreed to a £4.5 million programme of work with the regulator which, when completed, will ensure the plants can be safely operated for a further 10 years.
South Wales Evening Post 1st May 2007


Qatar has asked Japan to provide technical support to develop nuclear energy for peaceful ends, saying the resource-rich Gulf state is ready to export more natural gas to Tokyo in return.
Interactive Investor 1st May 2007


THE Muslim terror gang (sentenced today) most frightening plot was to buy a “dirty” nuclear bomb from the Russian Mafia and blow up a crowded city centre.
Express 1st May 2007


Published: 2 May 2007
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