100% Renewables

The island of Eigg – which lies 10 miles off the Scottish mainland – is the first community in the world to create clean electricity for the whole island all day long. Owned by a community trust, Eigg – which is regarded as one of the most scenic islands in the Hebrides – creates energy from three different sources: the sun, the wind, and waves. In 2008, Eigg switched from a loud diesel generator to clean energy, which changed the living environment for the 100 people in the community. They used to have two huge generators that would power the island for a couple of hours a day. With the new switch, the clean energy runs for 24 hours, seven days a week. The electricity is not connected to any mainland power lines. The clean energy makes up about 90 to 95 per cent of the community’s energy.

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Published: 21 April 2017