100% Renewables

We’ve seen a growing number of announcements about corporations committing to 100% renewable energy over the past few years. And some—like Lego and Google for example—have already reached their goal. So much so, that I have been wondering whether a promise to source exclusively clean energy even counts as news anymore. And yet, I do think these announcements play an important role in both sending signals to markets about where the future lies, and also in providing a back stop against short-sighted political maneuvers intended to delay climate action. So I was delighted to hear from RE100 about another four corporate giants who are pledging to go all-in for clean energy. Here are the details: Sony Corporation—which already sources 100% renewables in Europe—now targeting 100% renewable electricity by 2040, and 30% by 2030. McKinsey & Company and RBS, for example, are both committed to sourcing 100% renewable electricity by 2025, and co-working giant WeWork is targeting 2023.

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Cities, regions, and business leaders from around the world have pledged to decarbonise the construction industry by committing to deliver net zero carbon buildings by 2050. The pledge, which was orchestrated by the World Green Business Council (WorldGBC), a network of almost 70 national Green Building Councils (GBCs), was launched at the Global Climate Action Summit in California.

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Published: 14 September 2018