Daily News Roundup

22 August 2014


Britain’s Dungeness B22 nuclear power reactor has gone offline in an unplanned outage, operator EDF Energy said on Friday. The 550-megawatt (MW) unit went offline at 01:18 AM BST on Friday.”Unit availability is expected to be 0 MW for the next 7 days,” EDF Energy said on its regulatory website. Britain now has six nuclear reactors offline, with a combined capacity of 3,445 MW.

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21 August 2014


MORE highly radioactive material than previously thought has been discovered stuck in the core of Dounreay’s famous domed reactor, its operators have revealed. One of the world’s leading independent nuclear experts described the admission as “astonishing” and would cost “millions” to solve. Site operators DSRL has confirmed that last year a specialist camera was sent into the reactor to survey the state of the breeder fuel that remained – and captured the first footage for over 50 years of the …

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20 August 2014


Anti-nuclear group urges call-in for Carlisle Airport expansion. Carlisle Airport appears to be registered to carry radioactive freight over a populated area and in the near vicinity of Sellafield. This development would ensure a huge increase in air traffic in the near vicinity of Sellafield. The potential for terrorist attack or human error is hugely increased.

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19 August 2014


Radiation doses used in CT hospital scanners to diagnose injuries and diseases should be reduced to the lowest possible level, to avoid potential harm, a government advisory body has warned. The Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (Comare) – originally set up to investigate radiation emissions from the Sellafield nuclear plant – says one adult in 2,000 (or one child in 1,000) who has an abdominal scan, which subjects a patient to the highest amount of radiation, …

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18 August 2014

New Nukes

Manufacturers have called for the creation of an independent authority to address Britain’s “most pressing” infrastructure challenges, putting an end to the political hurdles that delay the building of projects. The call by the EEF manufacturers’ association reflects growing business frustrations with the way big infrastructure projects are currently planned. Many companies have been left disheartened at the sluggish progress of schemes such as high-speed rail, toll motorways and nuclear power stations.

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17 August 2014


A petition has been set up to STOP MOORSIDE, described by the industry as “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” Despite having no solution to the problem of nuclear waste our government is hell bent on trashing a large swathe of Cumbria in order to build new nuclear reactors. To quote Michael Meacher MP: “We need new nuclear like we need a hole in the head!” Please sign the petition and share widely.

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16 August 2014


EDF Energy has confirmed that Hinkley Point nuclear power station will not be shut down following the temporary closure of two of the company’s other nuclear power plants in the UK. Heysham 1 in north Lancashire and Hartlepool in County Durham have been closed temporarily after a defect was discovered in one of the boilers at Heysham. EDF decided to close the other reactors due to the designs being similar.

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15 August 2014

Nuclear Subsidies

This memorandum looks at the background of State aid and considers the possible options open to potential investors in the UK nuclear industry to maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome for their project. Ultimately, projects such as Hinkley Point C are unlikely to be prohibited on State aid grounds. Nevertheless, the eventual outcome may well mean less advantageous terms for the project. This could be with regard to a number of features of the support package, including: the …

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14 August 2014


The Labour Group on NAC (North Ayrshire Council) has raised concerns about the safety of road transport if radioactive waste is moved between Hunterson and Torness. Following reports that EDF has requested a licence from the Scottish Government to move radioactive waste between Hunterston and Torness in East Lothian, the Labour Group on NAC has raised concerns on the safety of road transport. Local Labour Councillor Alex Gallagher has also questioned the SNP’s policy position on the larger question of …

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13 August 2014


A new sister website to no2nuclearpower, operated jointly with West Cumbria and North Lakes Friends of the Earth, called Cumbrian Energy Revolution covering developments at Sellafield, but also focussing on community energy and alternative energy scenarios for Cumbria.

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