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100% Renewables is Possible

This week’s New Scientist says Donald Trump’s efforts to prevent the closure of unprofitable coal and nuclear are as “forlorn” as they are misguided. “It is because of sound economic reasons, not just environmental concerns that coal and nuclear are struggling to compete with natural gas and renewables such as as wind and solar. Thanks to an explosion of technology designed to counter variability of wind and solar, the reliability issue is a red herring that’s getting redder. Covering 100

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Is the nuclear tide turning?

Is the tide turning against the new nuclear programme? The UK’s first National Infrastructure Assessment, published by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) says the shift to greener energy is a “golden opportunity” – the UK can move to “highly renewable, clean and low-cost energy”, while ending the use of gas for heating and shifting to 100% sales of electric vehicle (EVs) by 2030. It says a “quiet revolution” in renewable costs means government should prioritise wind and solar, echoing new …

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Daily News Roundup

14 August 2018


Plaid’s leadership contest is an opportunity to banish the nuclear elephant in the room. Given the contempt shown by Labour for Wales after twenty years of rule, and the systematic neglect by successive governments in London, voters should be turning to Plaid en masse for the first time. And yet what will they turn to find? A party in the middle of a leadership contest. But if we must have a leadership contest, let’s turn it into a positive and …

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100% Renewables


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