Campaign Update

Stop Hinkley Campaign calls for a renewables Plan B for Hinkley

According to Nick Butler writing in the Financial Times on 14th May “the UK government is preparing a plan B, while continuing to claim that Hinkley will still go ahead. Mr Osborne wanted [N.B. past tense] Hinkley but he is the ultimate realist.” (1)

Former Conservative MP, Tim Yeo, described as the highest-profile pro-nuclear lobbyist, has also called for a Plan B – a nuclear Plan B – to make sure that other nuclear power plants planned after Hinkley Point receive the right …

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Do we really need nuclear power to provide baseload power?

The UK Government and pro-nuclear advocates argue that we need nuclear power to provide baseload electricity. In reality the concept of baseload power is quickly becoming obsolete. It is perfectly feasible to design a reliable electricity system based on 100% renewable energy. In fact strong market forces which favour decentralised energy mean that utilities continuing to promote large centralised power stations are threatening their own existence and need to move to a new decentralised utility model as soon as practicable.

Do …

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Hinkley C Mothballed – Is it in its Death Throes?

Two very recent articles in Click Green and Professional Engineer indicate that Hinkley Point C is now officially mothballed. Indeed the project seems to be in its death throes.

We already knew that site preparation work at Hinkley Point C was stopped in April 2015, up to 400 construction workers were laid off, and the Final Investment Decision was delayed until the autumn. (1) What wasn’t clear at the time was that NNB Genco – the consortium planning to build the …

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Daily News Roundup

29 June 2016


The French economy minister has heaped pressure on state-backed utility giant EDF to make a timely decision on its Hinkley Point project following the Brexit vote. Emmanuel Macron’s comments were made during a nuclear conference in Paris. He also warned that further delays to the final investment decision (FID) could add more uncertainty to the £18bn nuclear power plant. Experts had told City A.M. that Britain’s vote to leave the European Union last week had plunged the nuclear power plant …

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28 June 2016


The £18 billion project to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset is likely to be cancelled because of the Brexit vote, according to an expert advising the government. Paul Dorfman said he believed it was “extremely unlikely” that EDF, the state-backed French energy company, would now proceed with the long-delayed project, which would generate a total of 7 per cent of UK electricity if built. He is an honorary senior research fellow at University College …

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27 June 2016


EDF’s plans to build an £18bn nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset will be subject to a fresh wave of uncertainty following Brexit. EDF reiterated its commitment to the project, which has already suffered repeated delays, after Brits voted to leave the EU on Friday. But asked whether Brexit could lead to Hinkley being scrapped, Angus Brendan MacNeil, chair of the energy and climate select committee, said: “Anything could happen … Hinkley is in a very different position …

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