Campaign Update

Stop Hinkley Campaign Letter to Greg Clark

Dear Mr Clark,

Congratulations on your appointment as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. We understand that you will now take charge of energy policy. We are writing to you to ask you to make the most of this opportunity to stamp your own mark on Government energy policy by ditching proposals for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C (HPC) in Somerset.

Over the last few months HPC has been described as a white elephant; a …

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Don’t Buy Nuclear Waste

Now that Theresa May has (to steal some of the best sound-bites from the last few days) decided (1) to build a better yesterday with a safari park of white elephants – it’s time to shift the discussion from the huge cost of Hinkley Point C and the security implications of allowing the Chinese to get involved in building nuclear power stations in the UK to what we could all gain if these reactors ever get built.

In brief, spent nuclear …

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The District Heating & Green Gas Alternative to Hinkley

Several recent renewable proposals illustrate how we can avoid building a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. Dong Energy for instance suggests building more offshore wind farms backed up with biomass or gas-fired plants. (1) Lightsource says solar PV could match the output of Hinkley within just two years. (2) Forum for the Future says we could get 20 GW of new capacity from farm-based renewables by 2020. (3) But Theresa May’s delay in giving final approval to Hinkley …

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Daily News Roundup

28 September 2016


Tom Burke: Hinkley is a 20th Century solution to a 21st Century problem. Bigger is no longer better. There are faster, cheaper, cleaner and smarter ways to deliver affordable, secure, low carbon electricity to Britain’s businesses and consumers. Nothing about this deal is good for Britain’s hardworking families. They will pay the bill for decades but most of the jobs will go abroad. It is a bad deal for consumers, for the climate and bad for the country. May’s decision …

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27 September 2016


Martin Horwood introduced a motion at the conference opposing the construction of the nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C, that was given a controversial go ahead by the government this month. It will be built with a combination of French and Chinese money. Martin quoted a National Audit Office report that said the likely costs of the power plant to be built in Somerset to billpayers had risen from an estimated £6 billion in 2013 to £30 billion. He …

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26 September 2016


Hinkley Point C nuclear station: an expensive solution to a cheap problem. In 10 years it’ll be outdated, costing more than other energy alternatives and raising UK electric bills, writes Andreas Gandolfo. My colleagues and I at Bloomberg New Energy Finance are still scratching our heads at how such a project was greenlighted. We’ve spent two years analysing the project, and it’s clear: by the time the plant is operational in 10 years it will be completely outdated, trying to …

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