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THORP – 21 Today – but no key to waste crisis

27th March 2015 marks the 21st anniversary of THORP chopping up its first batch of spent nuclear fuel. Opened in 1994, the £2.85bn plant had been dubbed by British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (BNFL) as the Jewel in Sellafield’s Crown and a World Beating Flagship Plant that would reprocess 7000 tonnes of fuel in its first ten years, win more overseas business and make a profit of £500M in that first decade. Now scheduled to close in 2018, the Jewel has been …

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Small Reactor Delusion

The Financial Times seems to think that delays at Hinkley Point C will boost the argument for building small modular reactors (SMRs) in Britain.

In reality the nuclear industry is trying to find a silver lining to the cloud which is hanging over it, and using the problems of its own making to squeeze even more funds out of the hard pressed taxpayer. The FT reports that Rolls Royce wants more money for research for instance, and the recent House …

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Nuclear Investment – what is China’s motivation?

The Colchester Gazette doesn’t publish letters online which is a pity. This one from Professor Barry Jones is particularly interesting.

Dear Sir

News that Chinese state-owned companies remain interested in the possibility of building and operating a new nuclear power station at Bradwell should remind all readers that nuclear power is not a business like any other business and that Chinese state-owned companies are not companies like any other companies.

Nuclear power remains one of the most dangerous forms of power generation. The Fukushima …

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Daily News Roundup

26 April 2015


This map (supported by distance from Chernobyl to the UK, since Chernobyl impacted the UK) helps people to think about the broader impacts of an accident at the Sellafield site, at proposed new nuclear reactors near Sellafield (Moorside), and really of any nuclear reactor in Europe. The best way to stop Moorside is to vote for antinuclear candidates on May 7th. The impacts were especially unfair since nuclear-free countries such as Norway, Denmark, and Austria were badly hit by Windscale …

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25 April 2015

Energy Policy

The energy policy decisions facing the next Government require a dual determination to do the right thing for British society interests (as opposed to the interests of a few big companies, and their supply chains) and the strength of purpose to make fundamental changes to the institutional framework of the GB energy system, which is currently not fit for purpose. The Tory / Lib Dem coalition has overseen a new Energy Act which has made matters worse: it is …

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24 April 2015


THE future of the multi-billion pound Hinkley Point C project has again been put into doubt after nuclear reactors designed for the plant were discovered to have “very serious” faults. A reactor vessel already installed at the huge Flamanville plant in Normandy was found to have weak spots in the lid and the bottom which could reduce the resistance of the metal. The company which has designed the vessels, Areva, had orders for five more including two for China, one …

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23 April 2015

New Nukes

Dr David Lowry: All the ‘main’ political parties are backing nuclear power in bold defiance of all the evidence that it’s expensive, dangerous and not even low-carbon, writes David Lowry. Even George Osborne just admitted that Hinkley C is ‘unaffordable’ – but supports it anyway. For a rational nuclear policy, the way is Green. On Monday this week the Labour Party published its ‘Green Plan’, in which it stated: “Labour also supports the development of new nuclear in the …

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