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Hinkley Point C: A Story of Good vs Evil for the Pantomime Season

Solar power is expected to be the cheapest form of energy (not just electricity) everywhere in the world by around 2030.Yet the UK Government and the French nuclear industry continue to struggle on with failed nuclear technology. The Stop Hinkley Campaign says it’s a real story of good versus evil for the pantomime season.

Good solar and renewable energy will triumph in the end. (oh yes it will!) All and sundry – from investment bankers to energy experts – keep telling

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Nuclear companies struggle with finances but solar is fast becoming the cheapest form of power everywhere

The three companies seeking to build new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point, Sizewell, Moorside, Wylfa and Oldbury are under growing financial pressure, raising doubts about whether the UK’s nuclear renaissance will ever get off the starting blocks.

The French nuclear regulator – ASN – has been investigating a growing nuclear scandal in France involving steel components made at Areva’s Le Creusot factory which have been found to contain excessive carbon levels which could make them vulnerable to cracking. There is also …

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Don’t Buy Nuclear Waste

Now that Theresa May has (to steal some of the best sound-bites from the last few days) decided (1) to build a better yesterday with a safari park of white elephants – it’s time to shift the discussion from the huge cost of Hinkley Point C and the security implications of allowing the Chinese to get involved in building nuclear power stations in the UK to what we could all gain if these reactors ever get built.

In brief, spent nuclear …

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Daily News Roundup

21 January 2017


A nuclear power company has designed a ‘modular’ mini nuclear power plant. Each nuclear reactor could fit on the back of a truck, but would still be nine stories tall. The company behind the radical design says it is far safer, and each mini reactor contains far less uranium that a full sized one – and is sunk into the ground with a protective building placed over it. NuScale, based in Portland, Oregon, has submitted a design application to the …

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20 January 2017


Speaking on the Andrew Marr show last weekend, Jeremy Corbyn gave no clear support to the massive Moorside nuclear development in Cumbria, writes Marianne Birkby. But to win the impending Copeland by-election, he and the Labour Party must go further – and campaign against the deeply unpopular project.

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19 January 2017


Shares in Toshiba fell as much as 13.3 per cent after reports the company told lenders that the loss in its US nuclear business would be larger than the previously estimated ¥500bn ($4.4 billion). The share price tumble came after Nikkei reported the company was asking for financial support from Development Bank of Japan and other lenders. Toshiba said at the end of December it would make writedowns of “several billions of dollars” to cover cost overruns linked to nuclear …

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