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Paris Court Ruling on Hinkley Point C Risks

A court in Paris has ordered French utility EDF to release a risk analysis report to the group’s works council (CEE) concerning its Hinkley Point C nuclear project. The appeals court in Paris said the firm must communicate the report within a month and must consult the CEE regarding the project within two months.

In 2016, EDF refused to release all documents required by the council for it to be able to issue its advice on the project, triggering CEE’s legal …

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Is the nuclear tide turning?

Is the tide turning against the new nuclear programme? The UK’s first National Infrastructure Assessment, published by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) says the shift to greener energy is a “golden opportunity” – the UK can move to “highly renewable, clean and low-cost energy”, while ending the use of gas for heating and shifting to 100% sales of electric vehicle (EVs) by 2030. It says a “quiet revolution” in renewable costs means government should prioritise wind and solar, echoing new …

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Daily News Roundup

23 October 2018

Energy Policy

Budget: Keep strong CO2 price or risk coal revival, research warns: As Chancellor Philip Hammond readies Budget, Aurora Energy Research analysis reveals potential for adding 10GW of renewables by 2040 if carbon price increases. Maintaining a higher carbon price is key to cost-effectively decarbonising the electricity sector, phasing out coal power, and meeting the UK’s climate change targets, a new analysis by Aurora Energy Research. The findings come as the government, which has pledged to phase out coal-fired power completely …

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