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UK Government energy policy goes backwards

The Government’s recent energy policy re-set shows it plans to rely mostly on imported and fracked gas and nuclear power for UK energy supplies, (1) just as Scientific American publishes a study showing we could use renewables for all our energy needs by 2050. (2)

Meanwhile, the Hinkley Point C project looks more and more financially toxic. Now even the association of employee-shareholders says it could spell doom for EDF as a company. (3) Mounting losses accrued by AREVA and EDF …

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Hinkley C Mothballed – Is it in its Death Throes?

Two very recent articles in Click Green and Professional Engineer indicate that Hinkley Point C is now officially mothballed. Indeed the project seems to be in its death throes.

We already knew that site preparation work at Hinkley Point C was stopped in April 2015, up to 400 construction workers were laid off, and the Final Investment Decision was delayed until the autumn. (1) What wasn’t clear at the time was that NNB Genco – the consortium planning to build the …

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Cameron’s First 100 Days a Disaster

This article was originally written for the American Nuclear Information and Resource Service Blog Green World.

David Cameron’s Conservative Government has now been in power in the UK, without the constraining influence of the Liberal Democrats, for 100 days. From the point-of-view of the environment his new government has been an unmitigated disaster, marked by a sharp embrace of dirty energy sources in a fashion most advanced nations, even including the U.S., are stepping away from.

From the moment the …

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Daily News Roundup

30 November 2015

New Nukes

The COP 21 negotiations in Paris should reach an agreement that encourages a transition to a low carbon society by making better use of nuclear energy alongside other mitigation options, according to the World Nuclear Association. Director General Agneta Rising said “To implement the goals of an ambitious COP 21 agreement governments need to develop policies that encourage investment in low carbon generation, especially nuclear energy. We need 1000 GWe of new nuclear capacity by 2050 to combat climate …

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29 November 2015

New Reactors

BRITAIN has staged a behind-the-scenes diplomatic drive to soothe fears in Tokyo that Japan could lose out to China in the competition to sell nuclear reactors to the next generation of UK power stations. British officials reassured their Japanese counterparts that China would not “jump the queue” to have its nuclear technology certified as safe by British inspectors — despite political pressure from the Chinese government. In Tokyo, sources said the pressure rose ahead of the visit to Britain …

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28 November 2015


AT THE grand opening of Cannington Court last week the EDF Energy CEO Vincent de Rivaz announced the green light for the construction of Hinkley C was “weeks” away. He was unable to give a start date in part due to issues over the building of the reactor, while the Mercury understands there is still a funding gap with complex legal work yet to be completed to tie up the deal with EDF and the Chinese Government. However his optimism …

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