Campaign Update

Nuclear waste liabilities drain taxpayers

In the same week that the big guns of the energy efficiency world, including the Energy Saving Trust and the Association for the Conservation of Energy, called for energy saving to be declared a top infrastructure priority, and spending increased to a mere £4bn per year to tackle both fuel poverty and climate change, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced that its undiscounted nuclear waste liabilities have increased by £6.6bn to £110bn but warned that next year the total …

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Nuclear is a choice – not a requirement

The number of energy efficiency measures being installed to help homes save energy has collapsed as a result of government policies according to the Association for the Conservation of Energy.(1) Yet an ambitious programme of insulating buildings, and producing more energy directly from buildings themselves could net savings to the economy averaging £12.1bn per year from now until 2050.(2)

The government’s energy efficiency policies are in free fall” says Ed Matthew, director of the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, “as a result,

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A World in Chains

Since Angie Zelter asked me, over a year ago now, to write a chapter about the connection between civil nuclear power and nuclear weapons for her book “World in Chains”, I have become more and more concerned about the likelihood that nuclear weapons will spread to flashpoints around the globe.

Angie is a well-known campaigner on peace, justice environmental and human rights issues, but she is probably most famous for her work against Trident and her role in the world’s …

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Daily News Roundup

22 July 2014


CONTROVERSIAL plans to ferry radioactive nuclear fuel and waste by sea from Dounreay to England have come under fire. Bosses at the Caithness plant, which is currently being decommissioned, insist a successful trial could give them two potential routes for transporting the material for reprocessing at Sellafield in Cumbria – with contentious shipments already being made by rail. But critics are warning against the risks of navigating rough seas around Cape Wrath and the Minch of the west coast of …

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21 July 2014

Nuclear Investment

Infrastructure funds, debt financiers and City advisers have warned that Government guarantees are in danger of distorting commercial financing efforts. The Treasury must stop issuing guarantees for smaller scale infrastructure projects or risk sabotaging the Government’s aim of securing billions of pounds of private financing for British power stations, railways and bridges, experts have warned. Following a £230m loan guarantee for ethane storage at Grangemouth last week, infrastructure funds, debt financiers and City advisers have warned that Government guarantees …

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20 July 2014


Representatives of the Sizewell area took little comfort from a “fact-finding” trip to the site of another power station planned for Somerset. Members of parish and town councils surrounding the nuclear site near Leiston, returned from Hinkley Point with more questions for developers than when they left. The Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group (SPLG) called plans to house construction workers “totally unsustainable” compared to the Hinkley Point C project – also being developed by EDF Energy and already given government approval. …

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