Campaign Update

New reactors would quadruple waste stockpile

The Stop Hinkley Campaign has published a new briefing on the huge impact a new reactor programme would have on the UK’s radioactive waste stockpile.

The proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station alone would produce radioactive wastes and spent fuel with a radioactivity inventory equal to roughly 80% of the radioactivity in all of the UK’s existing radioactive wastes put together.

The Stop Hinkley Campaign uses figures from Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) Ltd which show that the UK’s proposed 16GW new reactor programme will altogether …

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Hinkley C Mothballed – Is it in its Death Throes?

Two very recent articles in Click Green and Professional Engineer indicate that Hinkley Point C is now officially mothballed. Indeed the project seems to be in its death throes.

We already knew that site preparation work at Hinkley Point C was stopped in April 2015, up to 400 construction workers were laid off, and the Final Investment Decision was delayed until the autumn. (1) What wasn’t clear at the time was that NNB Genco – the consortium planning to build the …

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Cameron’s First 100 Days a Disaster

This article was originally written for the American Nuclear Information and Resource Service Blog Green World.

David Cameron’s Conservative Government has now been in power in the UK, without the constraining influence of the Liberal Democrats, for 100 days. From the point-of-view of the environment his new government has been an unmitigated disaster, marked by a sharp embrace of dirty energy sources in a fashion most advanced nations, even including the U.S., are stepping away from.

From the moment the …

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Daily News Roundup

6 February 2016


Sheffield Forgemasters and the Government have called a truce in a war of words over contracts going to British companies. The Brightside steelmaker and the department for Business, Innovation and Skills have issued a joint statement that agrees ‘Forgemasters cannot produce ‘ultra-large’ forgings. But it can produce 80 per cent of forgings for projects like the planned nuclear power station Hinkley Point C. The unusual move comes after the firm said it had been ‘snubbed’ in favour of foreign firms …

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5 February 2016


The UK government’s energy strategy is experiencing what the man who made Manchester United the dominant force in European football – kids, ask your parents – once called “squeaky bum time”. Injury time has been extended again and again, but the point at which the whistle blows and EDF will be finally forced to make a decision on whether to build the Hinkley Point C nuclear project is looming. The future of the shaky edifice that is the UK’s current …

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4 February 2016


EDF HAS postponed building Hinkley C creating a massive economic uncertainty across Somerset and Bridgwater and Highbridge in particular, according to reports. And James Heappey MP for Wells and Burnham said: “News that EDF have kicked the Hinkley can down the road again is unwelcome and is understandably causing concern for local businesses and residents. I understand that EDF are now to make the Final Investment Decision in mid-February to coincide with the publication of their annual results. Despite the …

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