Campaign Update

Nuclear Failure Points to Warm Homes Campaign

In this month’s nuClear News we learn that the Government is awaiting the outcome of a feasibility study on the construction of small modular reactors (SMRs) in the UK, despite their failure to breathe new life into the moribund US nuclear renaissance. And Iberdrola has started working with GE Hitachi (GEH) to get two plutonium-fuelled PRISM fast reactors built at Sellafield, despite the history of failure of sodium-cooled reactors. At the same time the Office for Nuclear Regulation is …

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Nuclear is a choice – not a requirement

The number of energy efficiency measures being installed to help homes save energy has collapsed as a result of government policies according to the Association for the Conservation of Energy.(1) Yet an ambitious programme of insulating buildings, and producing more energy directly from buildings themselves could net savings to the economy averaging £12.1bn per year from now until 2050.(2)

The government’s energy efficiency policies are in free fall” says Ed Matthew, director of the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, “as a result,

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A World in Chains

Since Angie Zelter asked me, over a year ago now, to write a chapter about the connection between civil nuclear power and nuclear weapons for her book “World in Chains”, I have become more and more concerned about the likelihood that nuclear weapons will spread to flashpoints around the globe.

Angie is a well-known campaigner on peace, justice environmental and human rights issues, but she is probably most famous for her work against Trident and her role in the world’s …

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Daily News Roundup

20 August 2014


Anti-nuclear group urges call-in for Carlisle Airport expansion. Carlisle Airport appears to be registered to carry radioactive freight over a populated area and in the near vicinity of Sellafield. This development would ensure a huge increase in air traffic in the near vicinity of Sellafield. The potential for terrorist attack or human error is hugely increased.

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19 August 2014


Radiation doses used in CT hospital scanners to diagnose injuries and diseases should be reduced to the lowest possible level, to avoid potential harm, a government advisory body has warned. The Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (Comare) – originally set up to investigate radiation emissions from the Sellafield nuclear plant – says one adult in 2,000 (or one child in 1,000) who has an abdominal scan, which subjects a patient to the highest amount of radiation, …

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18 August 2014

New Nukes

Manufacturers have called for the creation of an independent authority to address Britain’s “most pressing” infrastructure challenges, putting an end to the political hurdles that delay the building of projects. The call by the EEF manufacturers’ association reflects growing business frustrations with the way big infrastructure projects are currently planned. Many companies have been left disheartened at the sluggish progress of schemes such as high-speed rail, toll motorways and nuclear power stations.

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