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Some of our favourite articles

To get you in the mood for the European Commission’s decision on the Hinkley Nuclear Subsidy Deal, here are some of our favourite articles and briefings from the past year or so.

Hinkley State Aid Investigation

European Commission launches investigation into Hinkley subsidies, nuClear News No.58 January 2014

European Commission State Aid investigation, nuClear News No.59, February 2014

The letter the EU Commissioner Almunia sent to UK on opening the state aid procedure. An official public consultation could start any …

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Nuclear Investment – what is China’s motivation?

The Colchester Gazette doesn’t publish letters online which is a pity. This one from Professor Barry Jones is particularly interesting.

Dear Sir

News that Chinese state-owned companies remain interested in the possibility of building and operating a new nuclear power station at Bradwell should remind all readers that nuclear power is not a business like any other business and that Chinese state-owner companies are not companies like any other companies.

Nuclear power remains one of the most dangerous forms of power generation. The Fukushima …

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Nuclear is a choice – not a requirement

The number of energy efficiency measures being installed to help homes save energy has collapsed as a result of government policies according to the Association for the Conservation of Energy.(1) Yet an ambitious programme of insulating buildings, and producing more energy directly from buildings themselves could net savings to the economy averaging £12.1bn per year from now until 2050.(2)

The government’s energy efficiency policies are in free fall” says Ed Matthew, director of the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, “as a result,

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Daily News Roundup

22 September 2014


A report that the European Competition Commissioner is set to clear the way for the first of Britain’s new generation of nuclear power stations to rise on the West Somerset coast has dismayed anti-nuclear campaigners. The deal between the British Government and the developer EDF, to set a guaranteed price for the electricity generated was called in for scrutiny by the commissioner at the end of last year. Stop Hinkley campaign spokesperson Allan Jeffrey said: “Surely the job of the …

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21 September 2014


EDF Energy has rejected claims that a process called “steam venting” at the Sizewell B nuclear power station may expose local residents to a health risk. Steam containing elements of radioactivity – well within emission limits imposed by regulators – is occasionally and with considerable noise vented to the environment because of conditions inside the reactor. However, John Busby, a consultant to the coalition of groups fighting plans for a £14billion Sizewell C plant, believes that the process could expose …

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20 September 2014


Plans to build a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point near Burnham-On-Sea are likely to gain EU state aid approval within weeks, according to national media reports this week. Reuters also reported sources saying that while the recommendation would be positive, it would come with “a number of conditions”, and that regulators were still awaiting further information from the UK before taking their decision. Stop Hinkley campaigners have attacked this week’s developments. Spokesperson Allan Jeffrey told “Surely the job …

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