Campaign Update

Hinkley delayed – yet again

David Cameron has threatened to retaliate over Austria’s plans to mount a legal challenge to the European Union’s (EU) decision to allow billions of pounds of subsidies for the Hinkley Point C nuclear project. Thankfully the Austrian Government has said it won’t be intimidated by threats.

Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace, criticised the government for bullying the Austrians for daring to question the “huge and wasteful energy project”, which would raise bills for British consumers.

Councillor Mark Hackett for the Nuclear …

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Nuclear Investment – what is China’s motivation?

The Colchester Gazette doesn’t publish letters online which is a pity. This one from Professor Barry Jones is particularly interesting.

Dear Sir

News that Chinese state-owned companies remain interested in the possibility of building and operating a new nuclear power station at Bradwell should remind all readers that nuclear power is not a business like any other business and that Chinese state-owner companies are not companies like any other companies.

Nuclear power remains one of the most dangerous forms of power generation. The Fukushima …

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Nuclear is a choice – not a requirement

The number of energy efficiency measures being installed to help homes save energy has collapsed as a result of government policies according to the Association for the Conservation of Energy.(1) Yet an ambitious programme of insulating buildings, and producing more energy directly from buildings themselves could net savings to the economy averaging £12.1bn per year from now until 2050.(2)

The government’s energy efficiency policies are in free fall” says Ed Matthew, director of the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, “as a result,

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Daily News Roundup

4 March 2015

Hinkley & Offshore Wind

New figures show that the Anholt offshore wind farm in the Kattegat between Denmark and Sweden had an impressively high capacity factor of 50% last year. This is all the more impressive since, as Mike Parr, Director of energy consultancy PWR points out, 2014 was a year with unusually low wind speeds. In an average year the capacity factor would have been more like 75%. This means, writes Parr, that if just 10% of the Kattegat region …

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3 March 2015


Controversial plans to transport nuclear waste from Oldbury to Hinkley have been dropped. Magnox has also withdrawn plans to dissolve nuclear waste in acid and then filte it into the Bristol Channel. The revised strategy involves storing the spent fuel element debris in concrete boxes at Hinkley,

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2 March 2015

New Nuclear

The election of a Labour government in Scotland could see a new generation of nuclear power stations constructed north of the border, the party’s energy spokesman announced yesterday. Tom Greatrex, Labour’s shadow energy minister, said he believed nuclear power must remain part of the UK’s energy mix and that Scotland would have to either accept new stations or import nuclear-generated electricity from England. Scotland’s two nuclear plants, Torness and Hunterston, are scheduled to close in the next ten years. …

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1 March 2015


Fresh alarms over nuclear dangers on the Clyde have been sounded after the Ministry of Defence revealed that the number of radiation safety incidents had leapt by more than 50 per cent in a year. There were 105 “nuclear safety events” officially recorded at the Faslane and Coulport submarine and bomb bases in 2013-14, compared to 68 in 2012-13. That’s by far the highest for at least the last six years. Most of the incidents last year – 99 – …

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