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Does anyone still think Hinkley C is a good idea?

Over a month ago the Stop Hinkley Campaign asked if there is anyone left who still thinks Hinkley Point C is a good idea – apart from EDF and George Osborne of course?

Stop Hinkley spokesperson, Roy Pumfrey said:

The critical comments have been coming thick and fast over the past few years– including from utility chiefs, City analysts, the Chancellor’s father-in-law and a former Tory Chancellor. How many more nuclear supporters have to stand up against this scheme, which has

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Hinkley C Mothballed – Is it in its Death Throes?

Two very recent articles in Click Green and Professional Engineer indicate that Hinkley Point C is now officially mothballed. Indeed the project seems to be in its death throes.

We already knew that site preparation work at Hinkley Point C was stopped in April 2015, up to 400 construction workers were laid off, and the Final Investment Decision was delayed until the autumn. (1) What wasn’t clear at the time was that NNB Genco – the consortium planning to build the …

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Cameron’s First 100 Days a Disaster

This article was originally written for the American Nuclear Information and Resource Service Blog Green World.

David Cameron’s Conservative Government has now been in power in the UK, without the constraining influence of the Liberal Democrats, for 100 days. From the point-of-view of the environment his new government has been an unmitigated disaster, marked by a sharp embrace of dirty energy sources in a fashion most advanced nations, even including the U.S., are stepping away from.

From the moment the …

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Daily News Roundup

4 October 2015


French utility EDF hopes to sign a commercial agreement with its Chinese partners to build two nuclear reactors in Hinkley Point, Britain in October, but a final investment decision on the project could take a few more weeks or months after that, an industrial source told Reuters. The source, confirming a report in French financial daily Les Echos, said Chinese President Xi Jinping’s planned Oct. 20-23 visit to Britain would provide a “window of opportunity” for EDF to finalise commercial …

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3 October 2015


Just as George Osborne is hoping to get China to invest billions in EDF’s Hinkley C nuclear plant in Somerset, news from EDF’s Flamanville nuclear site threatens to sink the project. French regulators are to demand another lengthy round of tests on its flawed reactor vessel. And if Flamanville isn’t working by 2020, £17 billion of UK finance guarantees for Hinkley C will collapse. A meeting of French nuclear safety experts that took place this week has determined that there …

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2 October 2015


Boris Johnson MP (Mayor of London): We have just done this absolutely crazy deal with the French, EDF Energy, to produce nuclear energy which shows no sign of working and looks like being unbelievably expensive at approximately £93 a kilowatt hour. It is a huge amount of money we are spending on nuclear energy.

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1 October 2015


Despite government commitments to nuclear power, the proposed new plant at Hinkley Point is still some way off. This matters as new nuclear plants could have a critical role in providing the UK with low carbon electricity, while maintaining secure supplies. Once complete, the new Hinkley plant alone should provide around 7% of the UK’s electricity. However further delays could pose a threat to the security of the UK’s electricity supplies. So is the country facing a looming “power gap” …

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