Campaign Update

No Need for New Nukes

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has been consulting on proposals for a new National Policy Statement (NPS) for nuclear power above 1GW single reactor capacity for deployment between 2026 and the end of 2035. National Policy Statements (NPS) are intended to establish the case for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, as defined in the Planning Act 2008. The current nuclear NPS (EN-6), published in 2011, lists 8 sites as potentially suitable for the deployment of new nuclear power …

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Abandoning Hinkley Point C now could save consumers almost £1.5bn per year for 35 years from 2027

Stop Hinkley Campaign submits response to the Helm ‘cost of energy’ review.

The Stop Hinkley Campaign has submitted a joint response, with the Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA), to the UK Government’s call for evidence on Professor Dieter Helm’s review of the UK energy market and the financial costs of energy to consumers and businesses. (1)

The joint submission argues the best way for the Government to keep electricity costs to consumers as low as possible over the coming decades, while reducing …

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Daily News Roundup

20 April 2018

Energy Supplies

Britain went for more than two days without burning any coal for electricity this week, the first time since the Victorian era. Coal-fired power stations were Britain’s biggest source of electricity as recently as 2013, but usage is now in decline because of environmental legislation and the carbon tax. This levy makes it expensive to burn coal relative to gas. The government has said that the polluting fuel source will be phased out by 2025 at the latest. National Grid …

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New Nuclear



North Korea



Local Energy

Renewables – offshore wind

Renewables – onshore wind

Renewables – Hydro

Renewables – solar

Energy Efficiency

Fossil Fuels

Electric Vehicles

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