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100% Renewables in the South-West is Possible

Former advisor to Gordon Brown at the Treasury and No.10, Damian McBride, revealed that Ed Balls, having been warned by Treasury officials that the costs for Hinkley Point C are frighteningly out of control,  would have reviewed the spiralling costs with a view to scrapping the project if Labour had won the election and he had become Chancellor. (1)

Perhaps the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd, and the Tory Chancellor George Osborne won’t want to …

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Small Reactor Delusion

The Financial Times seems to think that delays at Hinkley Point C will boost the argument for building small modular reactors (SMRs) in Britain.

In reality the nuclear industry is trying to find a silver lining to the cloud which is hanging over it, and using the problems of its own making to squeeze even more funds out of the hard pressed taxpayer. The FT reports that Rolls Royce wants more money for research for instance, and the recent House …

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Nuclear Investment – what is China’s motivation?

The Colchester Gazette doesn’t publish letters online which is a pity. This one from Professor Barry Jones is particularly interesting.

Dear Sir

News that Chinese state-owned companies remain interested in the possibility of building and operating a new nuclear power station at Bradwell should remind all readers that nuclear power is not a business like any other business and that Chinese state-owned companies are not companies like any other companies.

Nuclear power remains one of the most dangerous forms of power generation. The Fukushima …

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Daily News Roundup

23 May 2015


DECC has engaged external support by convening a Community Representation Working Group (CRWG) to help develop practical processes for how community representation, the test of public support, and community investment will operate throughout the siting process for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). The UK government’s commitment in the White Paper includes taking a voluntarist approach based on working with communities that are willing to participate in the siting process.

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22 May 2015


Magnox has said it plans to cut up to 1,600 jobs across 12 of its nuclear power sites by September 2016. The company says the cuts will include staff, agency and contract roles. Magnox said: “The mission to safely decommission the Magnox sites has always predicted reducing staff numbers over the coming years.” The Unite trade union said the news was “shocking” and the move would lead to “a loss of vital skills and expertise in the nuclear industry”.

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21 May 2015


Tom Burke: Amber Rudd’s appointment as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate has been welcomed by environmentalists. This is partly out of relief. There was a real risk that DECC would be abolished by an incoming Conservative Government. Taking away DECC would have weakened the Climate Change Committee and undermined the Climate Act. That would have pleased a significant faction of Tory MPs. Instead, it was the environmentalists who were pleased at DECC’s reprieve. To succeed, Rudd will have …

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20 May 2015

New Nuclear

Nuclear advocates must be admired for their optimism if nothing else, writes Mark Diesendorf. Disregarding over half a century of evidence that nuclear power is dangerous, expensive, enables the spread of nuclear weapons, and produces wastes we still don’t know what to do with. Nuclear advocates are fond of claiming that nuclear energy has negligible greenhouse gas emissions and hence must play an important role in mitigating climate change. However, the greenhouse case for new nuclear power stations is …

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